Sunday, April 1, 2012

On to Leicester

Nice place Barrow on Soar.

Several delightful villages along the way including Mountsorrel

The twists and turns continues.  Never a dull moment as a helmsman.

Its one right angle bend after another.  Bit more water here this time even though there is going to be restrictions on movement from April 13th.

The owner of this boat is into sculpture and has several on the bank decorating the lock.

At one time there were a dozen boats all wanting to come down but they are all together accompanying a group of rowers from the Sea Cadets in Leicester who are on a sponsored row.

I am getting to like the Soar. Its very much like the Chesterfield but without the weed :-)

Loads of little bridges and sometimes you have to go under one - but which one?

Not sure why these are at Thurmaston Lock but he looks like he means business.

 At this lock we had some assistance. Some kids really love to give it a try.

Over to the right are large lakes of water and there are even more on the left.  Masses of walks through the reserves. Wonderful.

Epitomises things here really.  The milepost put in to celebrate the centenary surrounded by mountains of rubbish.

Now this I can a climbing frame.  The outdoor activity centre on the outskirts of Leicester.

The giant thumb is the is the Space thingy.  I was going to visit but had trouble mooring up so kept moving.

 At the lock we had to wait as a boat that was coming through the lock topped up with coolant.  Meanwhile the kids on the opposite bank were taking advantage of the sun to have bit of a paddle. Good thinking. Big pile of shoes and socks on the bank.

The boat coming out of the lock was blowing black exhaust with engine at high revs and getting nowhere.  I suggested he had a lock at the weed-hatch.  He did. Another pile of rubbish deposited on the bank where a boater has had to clear a prop of material.

 Meanwhile in the lock I removed two chairs, a TV, water cooler bottles, a pallet and numerous plastic bags. Several water cooler bottles I couldnt reach.

The start of Leicester and civilisation :-(

Industrial building all the way along one bank. Many are tatty and have rubbish outside just waiting to fall into the canal.

The occasional fine Victorian building are too few and far between for me.

Any idea what this piece of art work represents - a hint of the buildings past use maybe.

Looking aft - the bridge is rather fine with a nice paint job on it.

The visitors mooring in Leicester.  We were warned about drinkers in the nearby park but seems quiet enough. Lovely new buildings with some taste included.

Heading south at speed now as there are restrictions coming into force on the 13th and tighter ones on the Foxton flight on the 19th.

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