Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fenny Compton

Couple of boats go past early on.  Hire boats out getting their monies worth out of the hiring :-) Been there done that :-) Cassey hops off to check things out and see who has passed us in the night and found an interesting one.

The view back down over the mooring for last night.  Sky looking good for the day

Passed a couple of fields with up to a hundred of these.  Not water buffaloes I think :-)

Anyone want a shed building?

Long line of boats hidden down the Old Engine Arm. Very quiet down there I'll be bound.

While in a lock I watched an accident almost happening.  The boat on the right had refused to start and the owner had got a bit flustered when it did eventually work.  I watched three people hauling on the ropes while the boat headed for the lock.  The chap had jumped off with the rope but left the engine running ahead at high speed. Shouted for him to get onboard to switch off.

 After getting rained on for a while the sun comes out again.

Plenty of bends and very tight ones at that.

Just covered a couple of miles and ended up half a mile from the start. 

This bridge has Wedding Bridge carved into it.  Wonder why.

Up on the hill is the church of a deserted medieval village.

The church is now in the trees and the humps and bumps in the picture is the village itself.

Moored at Fenny Compton and Cassey and Lee have a chat about a pork pie.

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