Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Banbury to Thrupp

Thirty seconds from the mooring is the historic Tooley boatyard and a lift bridge.

and thirty from there is the lock.  You can pop into Debenham or Next for that last minute shopping spree while the lock fills up.  The ganggoozalers will keep an eye on the boat for you.

Once out of the lock and there is the Mill Museum which I hadn't managed to visit.

Its not long before the less picturesque part of the town comes into view.  Having said that I must say how little rubbish there was in the canal

The first of the lift bridges out in the country and its open.

More delightful scenes and old brick buildings along the canal.

Looking very open the next village shows up on the horizon with the church spire above the trees.

Not the smallest of bridges as that is said to be further south  where I might have to clear the roof.

We join the River Cherwell and this is the weir.  A rather fine looking bridge.

Aynho Lock is somewhat different to all the ones so far encountered.  One can only assume its to do with the weir.

 One of the occasional small boat yards along the way.  Some are very smart in a tidy sort of way.

Time to look out for a mooring. Stopped at Upper Hayford for the night

Following the contour around the hills.

Not sure what sculpture represents 

or what this one is.

Today was the day that a certain new member of the crew found out that she couldn't turn around on the gunnel. :-)

Heading to a valley - well almost - but there is going to be trees everywhere.

Superb barn.  With the church so close to the building its possible that the house is the vicarage so the barn could be of the Tithe variety.  It certainly looks good enough.

Turning into a lovely day.  The scenery type changing every few miles.

For some time the canal is well wooded.

An original milepost?

At Gibraltar the TV reception is pretty rubbish looking at the size of the dishes you need. 

 Two of BWs finest looking after the locks.  Trimming grass and clearing the gate area - and closing gates for boaters as we leave. Thanks.

River Cherwell goes under the bridge while we go left and umpteen very sharp corners. 

Another weir and another weird lock.

Shipton on Cherwell church and I had a rapid chat as I went past with the vicar who is standing at the east end.  Asked on the number of bells and was told 'we have two called Ding and Dong'. Plain Bob shouldn't take long then.

The facilities at Thrupp. The area is well looked after by the local boaters.  Flowers everywhere sponsored by locals.  Book shelves at the end of the building for charity.

Through the lift bridge around the corner and we moor up for the evening.

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