Saturday, March 31, 2012

Reached Barrow on Soar

Well thats the back of last nights mooring. Very quiet and peaceful.

Even the birds hang about to let you  take a pic.

Had to wait for a few minutes while a boat moved a pontoon into position.

Lovely countryside to wander in and getting near Normanton on Soar. The river keeps you busy with loads of turns.

The church at Normanton with a superb mooring for bellringers :-)

I thought that the river was a bit wider than I remembered but ahead there seems to be a gap in the bushes I have to go through - I hope.

All the bridges along here are numbered and named.

So delightful 19th century bridges.

This one has a nasty crack on the left and has been given a beating on the right.  Lee had no part in either of these events.

Loads of newish conversions and buildings but the atmosphere is soured by the four morons that we saw at the first bridge coming into Loughborough.  Apart from stoning the ducks they then proceeded to kick a canalside sign to bits.

I was going to stop and pulled into the side on a mooring near a pub. A bloke comes to the door and says I hope your bikes are locked up as the idiots from the flat will have them away. We moved on.

Found somewhere that looked half decent and pulled over. Took a walk into town and while it was nice enough with the market I didnt find it outstanding.

When we left. The question now is why was a fireman in full breathing apparatus moving the curtain in the second downstairs window while the police were at the front of the building.

We are still getting overtaken by all and sundry :-)

There are a lot of boats out and about and I make a habit of meeting them at bridges for some reason.

Soon back out in the countryside.

Every so often there are small communities of boats.  This one has the use of some railway arches behind the boats.

Had to laugh at this one.  There is a three piece suite and all the rest of a living room in use underneath this one.

Looking for a mooring now as we get near Barrow on Soar.

I was going to call in at the facilities but there seems to be boats moored all over and room left for a ten foot cruiser.

The mooring for tonight with just the sound of the weir in the background.

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