Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Its raining.  Ah well a bit of water never hurt anyone. Down to the junction.

Looking over the side and the canal can be seen wandering off in the direction we are going.  Loads of boats all over.

and there are more. Some of them look well moored up and unused.

A number of boats coming the the other direction now.  Its Easter Holiday so we will damn well enjoy ourselves is the cry :-)

The tunnels are getting longer. Two boats ahead coming out of the tunnel so I slow down for them.  There are three others coming through after them.

The tunnel is wide enough to pass but the first one I can't judge how far away it is to start with but we finally pass and the next two are easier.  The last one however is a hire boat and he is unsure of it all and has nearly stopped. We get past with no problems.

The locks to get down into Braunston and we go through with nb Cwch y Dewin or the Boat of the Wizard.  He has three Jack Russells running around.  All very friendly dogs.

We go through all the locks together and Lee is chatting away and finds out that there is a dog spare.

Cassey is the one on the right.

Braunston is full of boats as usual.  There are mooring as long as you don't mind bit of a walk. While Braunston is only here because of the canal there is not really a lot going on.  You can buy bits and pieces at the shop or the chandlery and there is a big one further down. There are also a couple of pubs but it might just be me :-)

The village is connected to the canal in several places and any bridge that goes across will take you there.The village is criss-crossed with footpaths just waiting to be walked.

The view ahead through the rain of the mooring.

While behind us there is no room anywhere and its still raining.

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