Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dosser end of Newbury

Spent the night just before the lock.  Plenty of room for other boats but no many around at the mo.  Weather iffy again.  Some very heavy showers with bits of sunshine.

One of the few canalside shops.

Manatees caught up with us.  James is off to his mooring at the marina a couple of locks from here.  There are plenty of locks.  Around one every mile and a swing bridge in-between.  If Oxford is Lift bridge country then this is the land of the swing bridge and they aren't left open for you either.

More trees.  There seems to be a lot of tree surgeon work to be done alone the canal.  Several very large trees along the towpath with a ditch on the other side.  Just ready for a good blow to push them over.

Stopped (after getting absolutely soaked) between the swing bridge and the lock at Woolhampton. The speed of the water is astonishing. You need to open the bridge before leaving the dead water at the lock to be on the safe side.

There are some nice new moorings just above the lock

Stayed the night here as not sure of the next mooring.

Another load of stakes going up stream ready to tart up the bank somewhere. 

Yet another bank being repaired.

Out in the open.  Rather a nice day and it makes a change to be away from trees for a short time.

Loads of holes in the ground that are full of water in the area.  This is the reason - gravel extraction.  At the other end of the working I think they are backfilling and returning the land to some other use.

Another turf lock.  I think this is the one I read about being a listed item.  Not sure if the others are as well.

Suns out and the black clouds are only minutes away.  Been soaked several times and dried when the sun arrives.

Some lovely clumps of flowers on the bank.

If you are "The man with the long hair" then I would steer clear of this bit of the canal. The rest of it reads "I'm gonna kill you" Friendly around here.

The canal goes on and off the river very regularly and so there are weirs at short intervals.

Getting to the outskirts of Newbury.  Evidence in the reeds.  Plastic bottles by the dozen and the usual burger wrappings.

Time to start looking for moorings.

Right outside Tesco and we just fit in.

In the middle of the night 2am in fact the local scum come out and decide to try and pinch a bike of the roof.  Its locked up so they can't but why do these scrotes think they can help themselves to anything that is not nailed down.  If they are out earlier and stolen a pair of pincers they would steal the nails as well.  God help any I catch on board.

Moved up the canal a little.  Last night must have been the dosser end of Newbury. Half a mile and its a much better place to moor.

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