Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Napton on the Hill

Some pics of Cassey that I promised Abz.  The dog is quite amazing.  Very well behaved and as happy as can be.  I put the red rug down for her as her patch and its there she goes every time.

She has a load of bits and pieces to play with and loves chews.

Bought her a bed but she is a bit exhausted after a hard day walking and only just makes to the bed.

After doing one or two jobs on board and seeing as its a lovely day its time to move on. Walked all over Braunston and used the local chandlery to get some new LED lights.

There must have been 18 boats heading for the locks.  The queue was enormous. Luckily I was going in the opposite direction.

Just up the canal towards the Midland Chandlers and a pub with some room for mooring.

There is also another boat services here only a few yards before the junction.

Yet another deserted medieval village church left in the middle of nowhere.

Hello.  He looks a bit iffy.

No better close up.  The water inside is level with the water outside.

Views right across what must have been a flood plain in a former life.

The bridge has a bit missing - but it still works with chains as handrails.

At last the first ducklings of the year.

From nowhere I have ended up behind three other boats.  They weren't there half an hour ago.

Some delightful views as you turn a corner.

Cassey keeping her eye on where Lee is on the bank.

Village ahead with church tower peeping over the trees.

Half an hour later and is this the same church?

This is the junction leading off to Warwick to the right and a marina on the left.

Not sure if this is at Napton.  We go right around the hill on which Napton is built.  Most of the village goes around the other side.

Napton locks coming up. Mooring up somewhere along here.  We have been chased by the rain clouds for some time now and have watched everyone else getting soaked.

Moored up and looking at the other side of Napton from the stern.

The view from the bows and the locks we start with first thing tomorrow.

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