Monday, April 9, 2012

Foxton to Norton Junction

 Got to the front of the queue then rushed about to get on the list to go up the flight.  Ended up in fourth place but no rush.

There is a bit of water coming out of leaky gates and I try to stay at the bottom gates so the water doesnt get inboard. 

Each of the locks has a pound attached to it so that the all the water is not wasted by going down to the next lock.

I need to keep out of the way of this one.  The problem is that the water filling the lock goes under the boat as the lock fills and pushes the boat into the gate in front.

The view behind.  As soon as the lock is open the public turn up and wander up and down the hill seeing how things work.

Meanwhile in front the next lot of gangoozlers are turning up.

Last lock in the flight.

The views up here are superb.

Thoughts of the canal long ago.

Keep getting a quick view through gaps in the hedge.

You can see for miles

The contour canal just follows the curves of the hillside and there is not a lock till Watford Gap.

Pics don't do it justice.

Can't get up any speed as I keep touching bottom. At least I keep kicking up the silt.

Tunnel number 2.  Its blooming cold in there.

The route to Watford is on the right.  The arm on the left goes to a dead end at Welford.

Its nice but not a lot of villages or anything out here.

Gets a bit narrow now and again.

Do cows have a crèche system? All the calves are in one place while the mothers are on the other side of the field.

Yelvetoft marina.

On the outskirts of Crick I pulled over and waited for Lee to catch up as she had gone for a walk into the village.

Spent the night moored at Crick.  Walked up to the Post Office for postcards and there is also a Co-op here.

The Crick Tunnel at 1500 yards is longer still. We can pass the boat in the tunnel but its not worth the effort a he is almost out.

Daylight and a bit more warmth-ish

It started raining while in the tunnel

A large jam at Watford Locks.  Three on their own and four in a flight.  Six to go down and three at the bottom waiting to come up.

Has the same system of ponds as Foxton

Chat to the Lockie before doing anything.

Thats the first single done and now for the flight.

The ponds.

Its much easier going down than it is going up.  The water going out of the lock takes you to the front gates and away from the cill.  That's the bit that the gate butts up against and can damage the boat or even sink it if the stern sits on it.

Another of the individual boats to be found.

Oops.  Not sure what happened but they are in mid pump out so assume that the boat had sunk. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it floats for them.

Topped up with derv at Weltonfield.  First derv I have found that is on the canal and easy to get to. Friendly owner too.

Mooring for the night. The bridge ahead is at Norton Junction and we turn right and go for Braunston and another tunnel.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures - doing this exact journey in 3 weeks time. Feel more prepared now.