Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On to Theale

Left the mooring in company with nb Manatees and heading upstream.

Lovely little garden next to the mooring  and to the prison. Problem with the trees and the pigeons spending all night sitting on a branch above the boat trying to cure, and succeeding, their constipation.

Out into the main stream and heading to the city centre.

Waiting for the lights to change.  Boat traffic lights control traffic up to the lock.

Into the centre and there are loads of nice buildings with Debenhams next to the water - again.

Is this place modern or what.  Pity you can't moor up in the middle.

The lock.  Only a couple of foot lift and a little weir on the right

Out to the normal houses and a bit different to the things you find on the Thames. It is surprising how some people spend so much time on the garden while others can't be bothers to even cut the grass.

Out in the country and trees all over.

There is a new wetland being worked on.   Ready to be handed over by the volunteers to the council at Reading.

This is the second I have spotted.  With all the school ties hung on the shrub one can only image the age of the person involved.

Some very tight turns indeed.  Much nicer than the Thames in my opinion.

The BWs best are out working on the lock.  Some of the ground is subsiding or something at the bottom gates so their are doing something to monitor it.

There is plenty of water here too.  What with Aire and Calder etc having too much water while its still droughting down here its time that a broad canal was dug from north to south so boaters can get about easier :-)

Is this what is called a Turf Lock? Must look it up :-)

Its turned out to be a lovely day again.  Mind you its a bit nippy when the sun goes behind a cloud.

Another different lock shape.  Why did they do this?

A swing bridge and we have decided to stop here.  Very good moorings.  Chatted to James off the Manatees and talked about moorings.  Didn't realise how well supplied with them the Foss/Witham was.

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