Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Leicester to Kirby Bridge

 Setting off from Leicester visitor moorings.  Worth a visit on the way back. Lovely centre with lots of statues. Made a visit to the Guildhall while there are it was very interesting.

Just outside the city and another spectacular building going up.

Last time I was here this was as far as we got and needed a taxi to get to Blaby church for a tower grab.  Water going over the weir rather low with only any amount going over one bit of it.

Another large football ground.  Do stadia need water to exist.  Noticed that many are next to the river/canal. :-)

Old buildings just ripe for turning into flats. Its what is needed to make something of the area.

The water level has dropped a lot.  In places its up to two foot plus lower than usual.  Kept bouncing on the bottom and in one or two places had to back up and have another go to get through.

At Packhorse Bridge there is a packhorse bridge and this is the old packhorse bridge

while this is called Packhorse Bridge

As you can see the water level is well down.

Its a struggle all the way. Some lengths are better than others but with the water level going down the Land of the Termites soon shows its face. 

At Perkins Bridge there are three shopping trolleys and a bike immediately obvious.

The weather gets better for the canal from here on with rain most of the time.  We manage to do one mile an hour including locks.

Arrived at Kilby Bridge and the amenities.  Soaked and still raining and all the locks are now locked for the night so no more movements likely.  

It seems I have moored in the wrong place and a witch with a sense of her own importance - after I had been moored for half an hour - decided to see if I was moving elsewhere.  When I didn't she sent her husband round wearing his BW jumper.  So beware small minded people with nothing else to do have a green and white boat moored at Kilby Bridge. He was only doing as he was told :-)

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