Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cropredy and Banbury

Stayed the night at Fenny Compton and the following morning I was hoping that the mist was foretelling some sunny weather ahead.

It was a bit misty as you can see but soon cleared.

 Not far from the mooring and there is a length of canal that is quite narrow.  It is only later as I read the guide that I find out it is an ex-tunnel that has been turned into a cutting.

The first of the lift bridges.  A good omen and it is left open as all the other surely will be :-)

The occasional towpath bridge and this one is now of no use as the waterway that once went under it is bricked off.

The day warms up and the twists and turns continue. I read somewhere that the northern part has been straightened a little and that ox-bow canal bits can be found.

A few locks close together

Weather getting better.

Across the fields a tower that is similar to a castle appears.  This must be Cropredy.

A delightful little village. Nice moorings below the lock with a shop at the bridge and pub to the left.

Church right next to the canal so ideal for a ringing tour :-)

 Red Lion Street and the church

The Red Lion is exactly how one thinks of an old pub even down to the thatched roof. Fairport Convention practice here for the festival.

Inside its all old beams and inglenook fireplace.

Bar not very big but the staff make up for it in warm of welcome. Real ale always available.

All the way from Cardiff. Rev James brewed by S A Brain.

Popped into the church.  Lots of odd bits of architecture where things have been rebuilt or filled in. Two rope guides and eight bells.

A number of lovely gravestones lined the pathway and Frank Dobson would have a field day with the Lichens.

Headed off after lunch.  The moorings of this little group are rather spacious. Each boat seems to have a square plot of land the size of the boats length.

Stopped just outside Banbury so that its only a short journey tomorrow.

After the first lock a line of BW workboats.  Nice new pilings going in and periodically one sticking up with rings attached for mooring to.

There are large working nearby for flood defences.  I would have thought it would have been better to turn it into a large reservoir with the lack of flooding we have had lately.

Arrived at the outskirts of Banbury.

Near the park we moored up and walked on to explore the mooring situation further on to the centre.  Found Tom Rolts Bridge and

on the otherside is a plaque to commemorate the start of the voyage of the Cressy in 1939 and its conversion to a leisure craft.

The centre of  Banbury with a large shopping centre on the right hand side and the Mill Museum on the left..  Tooleys boatyard is a little further on.

Moored up.

Walked up into town as we had to see the Cross that the fine lady road to see.

There is a statue of the Cock horse with lady on board with rings and bells. Supposedly QE I is the lady concerned who came to see the original cross.

Once the shops shut the mooring is very quiet and peaceful. Several boats turn up so it is fairly full by dark.

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