Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Newbury to Hungerford

Due to the rubbish weather yet much needed rain we stayed in Newbury for an extra day.  

Then as we made to move I found a split in the hose connecting the gearbox oil cooler and the radiator.  Tried to get a replacement but the yard didnt recognise it so they could order it.

In the end I did a Fred on it and cut up a tyre inner tube and glued it on and hoped for the best.

It looks a bit like the the boot cover on the drive to the wheels on a car.  Anyone got an idea for a replacement? :-)

Before leaving I took the opportunity to top up with derv.  Only managed to put in 50lt so did rather well since the last fill up.

Just around the corner and the start of the city centre and a nice new bridge with the Kennet and Avon Trust shop on the left hand side.


Its not very far but there is a lot of weaving about as the river comes down through Newbury.

Last couple of bends before the lock.  The little stone bridge is the only point at which the river flows and is it fast.

At the lock there are a couple of black metal items and a warning that if you insist on taking your horse across the street then a fine is in the offing.

Above each metal item is the explanation for it being there.

This is still Newbury and a lovely little street with a swing bridge on the end of it.  Bit of a pain as the barriers have to be exactly down and in the right place before the bridge will operate.

Some delightful bridges out in the country.

The sun is out and its a pleasure trundling along.

Looks as though its back to the woods for the canal.

The mooring for the night.  There are not many around and this one is onto the bank with the gangplank out.

First thing in the morning and all along the towpath are half a dozen or so groups of army personnel.  After half an hour they vanish in the same direction as they appeared.

The end of the warning area.  Lock 80 is the last one after Reading where care needs to be taken due to the water flow.

The field comes right down to the canal.  It does look a bit odd.

Stopped at Kintbury to pick up water and waited for a ukhireboat to top up first.  It seems there are a lot of disgruntled customers out there as many of their hire-boats are going out without a full tank and the hirers are having to top up after a day.  There is also an issue with full toilet tanks I have been told.

As we sit there the horse-drawn canal boat comes along.  The horse-handler has just stopped leaping about over the roofs of some narrowboats to ensure that the rope doesn't fowl. At this point he drops the tow rope

and the boat glides serenely on to the lock whilst

the horse ignores it all and wanders down to the lock on its own and gets on with a nibble on the grass.

What a nice house.

Bet its the local MP :-)

The first hint of Hungerford in the distance.

The centre of the town is here somewhere.

Rather a nice footbridge that is the access to the house from the road crossing the bridge.

The other side of the bridge and old houses lining the canal.

Tonights mooring.  A lovely town and we will be off to admire it tomorrow.

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