Thursday, March 22, 2012

Back to Delhi and home

So its Bye to the Palace and off to Goa airport.

Things never look quite finished.

Queue to load luggage.

At least the flight is on time

Looking new and hardly used.

But its not on time now.  A Moscow flight is delayed.

At last its the bus and to the plane.  Seems to be full of Russians.

Not as good as BA :-)

Delhi and the Grand

Transport is still all over the place.

Every other shop here is a travel agent.

Visiting friends.

Janpath market to get an India dress for Abz.

The holes in the ground at Connaught Place are getting bigger.

Lots of statues being made in the workshops near the hotel.

Decent cup of tea at last.

More friends to say goodbye to.

The kitchen shrine. The picture on the right was done by a friend

While this one was done by Radhecka.

Delhi international at stupid o'clock.

and its heading for home and the ice.

India is an astounding place and there is nothing that I can say that could get anywhere near to an explanation of what it is like.  The only thing to do is to go there but take earplugs :-)

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