Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spice Farm

On the way to the spice plantation.

The farm was a delightful wander.  In total it is a couple of hundred acres with a couple set aside to show how the various spices look in the wild.

The first thing to greet you is the elephant that gives rides as you leave.

Lovely walk down to the lake.

Full of large catfish guarded by the cormorant.

Welcomed with flowers and a ginger drink full of spices grown here.

Some of the flowers that grow wild are gorgeous.

The still.

Vanilla growing alongside the footpath.




Don't know what this is I just liked the look of the leaves.

Chap nipping up the tree for a coconut.

There is a meal included in the tour and it is superb and as much as you can eat.

At the end of the tour its time to stock up the spice cupboard,


I hadn't realised that the Tina Turner fan club had reached out this far. :-)

Finally back over the bridge to the elephant and washing one.  This was a good idea at one time but as you see him leaning from one leg to another, bored stiff, you realise that all he does all day is get washed. Even the grey is turned to pink. We feed him a couple of bananas and leave.

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