Friday, March 30, 2012

Trent to Soar

Blimey. What happened to the sun. It is definately a bit draughty round the knees as I leave Beeston lock and head for Trent lock.

Some lovely scenery and this is Barton Island.  It is or at least was once used by the Sea Cadets.  There are several small summerhouse type buildings up on stilts on the site.  It looks quite idylic.

A little further on and there is a line of chalets on the riverside. Some of them look real swish while others look as though travellers have moved in.

Trundling on to Trent Lock and I am overtaken.

Shortly afterward another boat goes past.

and there was another behind him. Getting to be rush hour.  Wonder if they have heard that there is some derv for sale somewhere.

By the time I reach the lock I have just been overtaken again.  Someone rushing to get somewhere.

I waited and let the others through.  Then while we opened the lock Myfanwy turned up. I went in first and as I edged down the gunnel to go up the ladder to pull the boat to the side and let her in there is a bang as Myfanwy decides to come in anyway.  He is a novice and all the idiot of a tutor says - Boating is a contact sport. Yes and the contact could have been me between the boat and lock wall. I was not amused.

Several lines of boats. Some of them are rather individual in style.  This one seems to be being built by a cooper

while this one is another escapee from the army.

Out into the cross roads and turn left and head for a power station. The power station stays in sight for ages.

There are some more chalets after the flood lock and a lovely view of the layers of gypsum in the red ground

The sides of the River Soar are somewhat nearer together than on the Trent.

Yet another very individual boat.

Met up with Kevin who operated the lock for us as he is going down stream and enjoying the chance to get away for a week or so over the holiday.

Much swinging from side to side with lots of sharp bends. Brilliant.

Arriving at Kegworth Deep Lock and the church spire behind it after being buzzed by the two swans that have just landed in front of me.

Just after four and the sun is out and its time to look for a mooring.  The village of Zouch is not far away so we will head for there and see what happens.

A rather nice pub a bit further on.

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