Friday, March 30, 2012

5-stars for Nottingham

Yet another wonderful sunny day. Not a cloud in the sky. As we leave the mooring the entrance to the White Water Course is passed. I overcome the urge to take the boat down it and head for Nottingham and civilization - that means rubbish in the canal.

Just outside there is this small bridge. Doesnt look very important but look at the care taken to finish it off.  It is only a drain.

 The lock to enter the can is on the right while on the left is a football ground. Made of sustainable wood I think the logo indicates or it could be Notts Forest :-)

 Some of the bridges going through are a little low but still have 6 inches headroom  to spare.

One bridge is well marked by the ropes from the horses then they put in the roller but forgot to grease it so one side ends up as bad as the wall.

Nottingham is looking good.  Loads of new buildings and towpath runs right along.

Loads of bridges too.

This one is the main road in near the railway station.

I was sure there was a castle somewhere but it isn't very impressive is it. We need some battlements built around it :-)

Still going through and there is an almost total absence of rubbish. The occasional plastic bottle but thats about it.

Couple of new blocks with water in between and just  enough room left for a bank and as you can see on the wall nesting for geese.

Coming up to a business park with Curry, PC World and so on plus still clean and clear.

Moored up for five minutes to go to Sainsbury. Could do with a Morrison or Asda. 

Looking back and the place is a picture. I really must give Nottingham five stars for the canal.  It is looked on and used as an asset to the city. Well worth a visit with oodles of moorings.

Out of Nottingham nearly and passing Trevethick Boatyard.  Its been here since 1895 so they must be doing something right.  Not far away is the old and filled in Nottingham Canal.

Heading for Beeston 

Beeston Moorings so its time to slow and find a place for the night.

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