Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Onto the Trent - eventually

At the end of a delightful day we arrive at Torksey.  This boat is picking up derv. The nb Llareggub is another of those Welsh villages best read astern.

Damn.  The mist is really bad and we can hardly see the other side of the canal.  Moving down to the other end of the moorings to wait til tomorrow.

This one is English and doesn't have the finesse of the Welsh.

The lock looks a lot better today and the tide is waiting for us at 1000.

A few minutes after 10 and we are released into the wild. Couple of boats on the moorings outside waiting to go up to Cromwell and they will be company.

No wind at all. Just look at the steam.

Those boaters that have been up here before will know this tree trunk and its resident three cormorants.

Not a lot happening.  The two other boats are buttied up and are running at the same speed as us. Dunham Bridge is one of the very few bridges to cross the Trent.

I slow down as it is not worth getting into the lock and then having to wait for the arrival of the pair.

Hardly a ripple on the Trent

 At last the weir and the entry to the Cromwell Lock. Another couple of boats, but these are from West Stockwith, have caught us up

 It is the first time it has been crowded here.

with little room behind us.

Headed on to Newark as there is not a lot of room at the moorings. Just passing the entrance to the marina.

Not a lot of room at these moorings either. Off for a walk into town.

There was a dig here a number of years ago and right in the middle of the pic a skeleton was unearthed.

Loads of graffiti and this one was very clear.  I shall have to look him up and send his descendants a bill for cleaning it off. :-) so if your surname is HOOTON stand by.

 There are some delightful buildings in Newark. Well worth a wander about and a large supermarket is only two minutes walk from the mooring.

 Late afternoon and the market place is empty

Next day and heading for the Town Lock past the castle on another beautiful day.

Inland Navigator is busy dropping off or should that be picking up a load just above Town Lock

For the first time there is room on the mooring at Fiskerton. Popped in for a pint and very enjoyable it was too. Small shop and Post Office only a few yards away.

Its only a short trip to Hazelford Lock.  Some work going on as the piling has shifted.

Robin Hood waiting for something to do.

The barge at the end of the island has some of the top quality rubbish - ie one car.

Spent half an hour spinning round getting a ball for the dog.  As I went past the dog was busy pushing the ball further out into the river.  He didn't have the sense to push from the other side.  Got the ball and threw it to the bank whereupon the dog was ecstatic and chased it straight back into the water.

Tonights mooring is at Gunthorpe Bridge. I was here years ago and walked the other bank with the OU Geology group and picked up a huge lump of gypsum. Still got a tiny bit of it.

The evening view.

Its a little like the river at Sprotborough. Apart from the fact that the Trent meanders all over the place.

After Burton Joyce it seems that the land has sprung a leak. Before I drew alongside it was shut off.  

Its the fire brigade testing out their gear.

and then the old (at least I think it is old) narrowboat Spey trundles past.

The railway bridge. Then I realise its the one from the Nottingham side across to Radcliffe and I have crossed it many times.

Only when we have gone through I notice the sign behind the bush on the left. CLAYTON AND SHUTTLEWORTH 1850. Wonder if it was made in Lincoln.

Lovely old barge with Wey painted on the stern. Doing it up or is it there for business purposes.

At long last its Holme Lock.

Tied up well back and still the power of the water moves the boat about.

Moored up and off walking around the water sports centre.  This leader did his best to tip the occupants out and they had an absolute whale of a time judging by the screams of delight from the six inboard.

Behind me is the very long rowing course and the Abi J is moored on the river in front.

Our neighbours out for a swim.

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