Thursday, March 22, 2012

Heading south by going west

The old flag looking very much the worse for wear I flew the new one at Bardney at the start of the trip.

The mooring at Bardney and time to leave.  Off to meet up with people before we start going south.

Bit of excitement. A bridge over the canal.  The most I'll get till Stamp End. :-) 

Lee is walking from Bardney to Washingborough and meets up with the cows.

While on the other bank I meet up with a real one or three.

Last turn before Lincoln and another boat.  They are so few and far between its quite an event.

Moor up for the shopping mid Lincoln.

Off to Saxilby to pick up some derv. The old Harbour Masters? cabin has gone and piles put in for something new.  I hope it some decent visitor moorings.

Just passing The Pywipe and the engine stopped. At the pub - it was a lovely day - the moorings were full and no engine no steering. Luckily I managed to hit the other bank with Naughty Cal watching. I thought it was fuel so put in the emergency supply. started up and headed for Saxilby.

Next day the engine refused to start. Turns out it was the key and starter that needed replacement.

Back in Lincoln. Fill up with water and then its to Pyewipe for a meal with Sid and Heidi.

Down at Stamp End.Wednesday nights mooring.

and we are off heading for Saxilby. Stopping in Lincoln for the last few bits then the facilities to wash the roof.  The trees have covered it in rubbish. Then its the Garden Centre near Saxilby to get some compost.

You do get a lovely view of the cathedral from the mooring and especially at night with it lit up.

Into Wilkos

The Brayford looking very smart in the sunshine.

Finally with an extra 60 lts of derv and another gas canister on board we are moored up for the night and hope that the telly is going to work. Sarah Millican is on.

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