Thursday, March 22, 2012


Its a lot warmer than Mumbai.

The road in front of the hotel can let two buses pass if its clear. If a bus stops to let passengers off then the rest of the traffic swarms over it and if there are two buses stopped the motorbikes get apoplectic on the hooters.

Twice a day the elephants - two of them - go wandering up the road to carry out photographic work. They have sudhi with them that charge   people to have pics taken with the elephants.

At the weekend a couple of orphanages bring some of the children down to play at the seaside and spread the word. The beach traders use every opportunity to make a bob.  The kids get bought fruit - pineapple, banana, melon etc - for a snack.

Local transport takes a bit of getting used to.

Orphanage children playing on the beach.

Pintos Palace that isnt but very nice people run it and couldnt be more helpful

Even got candy floss (I think) but it comes in a plastic bag.

Some weekends the locals come out to play.  Most of them can't swim and the Lifeguards are forever blowing their whistle to stop them going out too far. Nasty undertow in places.

The beach almost deserted in the middle with loads of people at both ends where the road access is at the beach.

The local pub.  The Big Banana was our place of choice. Free beds and massage always available. Lovely people here as well.  At the end of the second evening I found that I had left my money in the cabin. You run a tab all the time.  No problem I was told - see you tomorrow.

The road through the apartments.

Entrance then onto the beach and Big B.

At the far end of the beach the boats get close to the shacks.

Didnt see any fish getting caught though.

A little bay behind the shacks.

Another hard day ends at the beach.

A political rally under-way.

The election was in several weeks and the bars, shacks etc all had to stop serving alcohol at 2300 (later it was down to 2200) and the bars etc would all close down.  Much muttering by the local businesses.

While you have nothing to do on the sunbeds the manicurist does the rounds

The cabin.

The shop on the right sells Original Fakes.

Nice to see the Chitchat wandering about

More beach days and a belly ache or two.   

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