Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Down the Thames to the River Wey Part I

 Met up with BA friends just outside Reading and managed to moor up by ramming the river bank but gently :-) Spent a while correcting the state of play in the world today.

Found the mooring afterwards and didnt fall in.

Yesterday we spotted the Mikron Theatre boat.  Could hardly miss it as it was moored astern of us.  Found out that it was performing Losing the Plot in the Forbury Park about a minutes walk away.  

Thoroughly enjoyed the evening and will look out for them in the future and make sure that we attend.  A lot of hard work for just the four performers.

Next day and they are off to their next gig in Wargrave.

Having turned the boat around - there is a bridge I am not sure of the height is enough for me to get under - and we are away and heading for Weybridge. The trip from Bath to here has got several places without internet links and the amount of times I have to have a go at loading photos I lost interest a little.  The pics will end up on Picasa later.

After the lock in Reading and half a mile the last three bridges before the Thames.

OOOO isnt it wide after the K & A

 Still being overtaken but at least this one is in the air.

Had to wait while this one came up.  Not a lot of change out of any amount with six zeros in it.

Passing the St George and the Dragon and the Mikron Theatre getting some rest after the performance.

Plenty of rain but the Thames banks are always a bit interesting but I do wish there were a few more moorings about.

Hope it fines up for the Regatta that is on tomorrow.  Its nearly all ready with the tents still going up

At the start end of the course.

Rather a swish bus to be overtaken by and loaded with school children having a lovely time.

and the houses are a bit above my price range.

 Loads of interesting boats here and many of them heading to the regatta.

I bet he hasnt made enough to retire this year.

The locks are a delight.  Out of them all there was only one grumpy lockie.  Not rude he just ignored you as you went through.

 Bit of history with Bisham.

All the weirs seem to be right next to the locks which makes life difficult if you like to take things easy in the approach as you start to go sideways.

Nearly Maidenhead and one of the lovely footbridges.

The mooring just before Maidenhead.  

A lovely evening with a visit from Jim who cycled out and managed to cycle back somehow. :-)

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