Saturday, July 28, 2012

On to Watford Locks

 Some lovely mooring places on the GU. Many have either rings or bring a paper clip an hook on to the piling.

Its not far to Stoke Bruerne.  The last lock before the village itself.  Nice pub on the  right and the lock is there too.

 On the left is a second lock by the looks of it that was used to weight boats.

The weighing machine.  

The museum is on the right of the lock.

Earlier before the lock there was plenty of mooring space.  Up here there is very little to start with but if you travel far enough there is usually a space.

Walked back down to the locks to have a look at the sights and get a pint.

The other pub. The Boat Inn. Inside it is quite ancient.

Back to the mooring and off to brave the tunnel.

Its still half a mile or so with boats moored all the way.

Boats are moored up right to the mouth of the tunnel.  Longest so far this trip at over 3000 yards. There is a blacksmith in the building on the right selling all sorts of ironwork.

 I assume that this is a profile of the tunnel inside.

Out the other side.  Soaking wet. Each air-shaft throws out the remains of the water that has come down over the last weeks.

This is Blisworth and the original home of nb Mozart.

Bit further on and a rather nice looking boat belonging to the St John Ambulance people.

Moored up for the night

To the woods to the wood etc

Along here the East Coast Main Line is on one side and the M1 on the other.

Most of the time you don't see either. Its just the constant rubble in the background.

Rather nice home with couple of old boats outside.

Probably the original paint job.

Several lovely villages attached to the canal.

After all the woods its nice to have a rural scene.

Another old boat but this one is Lincoln

Got them both in view now.  Main Line to the left and M1 to the right.

Its Whilton Lock tonight and a visit to the marina but no wide-beams to look at.

Above the lock and loads of work going on to the towpath. Bit congested here with two boats coming up and two going down.  Met a pair of boats coming out of every one of the locks.

The New Inn.  A lovely point for watching the lock.  Sadly no beer as it closed last Sunday.

Back into the woods.

The first of the Watford locks.

Three boats going up as soon as the three have come to the bottom.  Gets a bit hectic before staircase.

Looking down the flight.

Thats it for today.  Last lock and its time to find a mooring.

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