Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Leighton Buzzard and after

After the lock an unusual bridge.  Could this have been for a second lock at some time.

With a second boat to share the locks and the work.

At the water point  a load of rubbish left for certain by a boater.  Later I spotted even more piles some of which are massive heaps of junk. 

Open countryside instead of all the trees of recent days.

Guess I spoke too soon.

Is this one sat on the bottom.  It is much lower than the other boats nearby.

First boat I have seen with oriel windows :-)

and this one has an outside loo in the bows.

Looking for a mooring now as we get close to Leighton Buzzard.

Only a short walk from the centre of Leighton and the Tesco is not far with a 2 hour mooring outside it.

Called in to Tesco and moved on ...

 Moored up opposite the boatyard.  Plenty of  moorings all over the place.

As we left Leighton Buzzard and next to a pub there is the Cheese Boat specialising in Welsh cheese.

Back to looking over the hedges at the view.

Soulbury Three locks. We are assisted through the locks by either CRT or volunteers.  What ever way its nice to get helped on our way.

A long way from home.  This boat came all the way from Thorne and on the side says it was made by Dunstans.  All that is left of that firm in Thorne today is the wreck of a drydock in a housing estate.

Moored opposite another boatyard at Willowbridge

One of the few times that Milton Keynes can be seen from the canal.

The sign announcing the joining of Milton Keynes to Bedford and I think the River Nene

A couple of boats looking the absolute bees knees.

This is still Milton Keynes and the amount of parkland on the canalside is astounding.  If you want a walk then this is the place to be.

Damn its hot.  Narrowboats are even hiding under bridges to get some shade.

Another of the ex-wharfs now homes

A glimpse through the trees and the park beyond.

Mooring for the night near bridge 75 with Milton Keynes to the left.

More parks and the occasional building in the distance.

Milton Keynes aqueduct but a rubbish view over a dual carriageway.

Must be quarter of a mile of 'graffiti' along the wall of the railway line. Looks much better than a bear wall.

and around the corner a boat across the canal. Stopped to tie it up again.  Its only held to the shore by bits of string.  Its not the first time that its floated away we were told.

At the top of Milton Keynes and this hoves into view.  The only bit of the place that uses the canal as a feature.  There are mooring rings all along the right-hand side.

 and to the left a statue to commemorate the railways.  Masses of empty buildings all along here.  The buddleia is growing well.

The Iron Trunk Aqueduct goes over the River Ouse and...

 the view to the right or even the....

view to the left is a lot better than the last aqueduct.

A lock after ages without.  Mind you a couple of inches and it wouldn't be needed. To the left is the Buckingham canal which is in the process of being restored.

 And ahead is Cosgrove.

Called Solomon's Bridge I think this is one of the nicest I've seen for ages.  Badly weather worn..

but some of the details are still to be seen on the other side.

Another wharf and this time all that is left is the pub.

There must be a reason for the Olympic logo being on the front of this boat.

Before the marina a sign that is a bit better than just saying slow down.

A rather fine boat that looks as though it is ready for a warm summer and plenty of Pimms.

Not sure of this one.  It looks like the dutch barge version of a tug.  Looks interesting either way.

More flat land looking all the way over to a village on the mini-hill top.

 Most of the canal is covered by trees and if someone comes around the corner someone will have the roof of the boat sweep clean :-)

Time to start looking for a mooring for the night.  Just below the locks at Stoke Bruerne

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