Monday, June 25, 2012


Entry into Bath is through a couple of small tunnels with the outer face being nicely decorated.

There is a small boatyard between the then and its bit of a pain sometimes with the boats sticking out at the bridge entrace.

The first of the locks down to the Avon.

Not sure what this might have been in the past but a bit on the small size for the lockies cottage. Humane Society advert on the side.

Stopped here for a few days.  First day spent half my time filling up the pound.  Someone coming up had opened the sluices to fill the lock without checking that the bottom set were closed consequently an almost empty pound. Partly to blame are the BW.  Not sure why you need to empty the lock when you come up. Most people arent going to stand around until it is empty.  they will just open a sluice and leave.  If the next boat wants to go down they then take another lock full of water.  One that was not needed.

Wandered off into Bath and on the way was the BBC setting up for filming a harrier I think that was nesting up iin the church tower. Twitchers by the dozen also keeping an eye on it.

The lovely view over the Avon to the weir and bridge.

The weir really is a delight.

Had a wander around the abbey church when I was last here.  Bath University was a lovely place to spend a week.

The Baths in Bath.  One of the things wrong with Bath is that as all the buildings are made of the same material - even the council houses - none of them stand out as they should.  Take any one of these buildings and put it in another city and the result would be outstanding. Still awesome though.

Out getting tickets for the theatre and went in to an art exhibition.  Spent ten minutes looking out through the window at the entertainment outside with the unicyclist and a member of the audience.

Modern art.  Some of it I liked but in the main I was unable to see any point in art like the half a ladder hanging from the ceiling.

There must be a reason for a load of vacuum cleaner bags on a pair of legs.

Photo-montage of a million views of bits of Bath - I think.

A nice park but quite small alongside the Avon but £1.20 to get in is rather steep.

The bridge is a delight.  

Went to the Theatre Royal and the Ustinov Theatre while we were here.

Educating Rita in the Royal was well done with Matthew Kelly and Claire Sweeney.  Very enjoyable.
The Otheroom at the Ustinov was a bit different.  Its sub title was The Vibrator Room.  Oddly enough I enjoyed this one as well.

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