Friday, July 20, 2012

Over the Summit

First lock of the day.  Out in the woods and only a couple of gonggoozlers enjoying the boats going up and down.

There are plenty of  mills around here and a few are now owned by the rich burgers.

When the wide-beams appear there isnt a lot of canal left for the rest of us :-)

Nows your chance.  This lockies cottage is up for sale.  It looks like one of those houses that every child ever has drawn.

not long afterwards this thing pokes its head over the hedge.

This is definitely a one off type boat.  Not only does it look as though it has stealth capability but is owner designed over two years.  Really a boat with a wow factor.

Due to the amount of rain most days we seem to end up moored in a down pour moments before the sun comes out for its 30 seconds visit.

Rather a nice bridge and this one has a little arch to one side.  Nothing extra on the other side

Around Berkhamsted and several builds next to the canal.  Again some places making great things out of the canalside.

The baulk  of  timber on the ground is being fitted into the area between the top of the gate and the gate arm as a strengthener.

Some of the woods gets down to the canal edge and only just doesnt meet overhead.

Next to a B&Q are several trollies lurking plus a few under the water

Aahh.  What a lovely spare room.  

First swing bridge for ages.  This one is right outside The Three Horse Shoes inn.

Another mooring point and another soaking :-)

At last we arrive at the Port of Berkhamsted.  Pubs right next to the canal and Smiths Coffee factory producing a superb odour to get through the lock with.

I like this house with all its bits and pieces stuck on.

A rather large totem pole as you leave the town.

But a bit further on and they have termite trouble so the lock mechanism is locked :-)

Sometimes the bottom sluices have to be lifted to allow the gates to be opened due to the amount of water coming in.

Arriving a Cowroast. Can't find reference in my books as to its origin.

Still a number of boats that seem to be without a licence although there is always a possibility that the boat hasnt be visited for months.

 Some of CRTs finest helping with the lock. Thanks

Plenty of woods again. without the sun its very gloomy going though here.

I spy nb Granny Buttons.

A massive bridge and feels quite odd due to its size as you go under it.

Moored this night  just short of the series of six locks going down.

 CRT Bulbourne is crowded with craft.

One of the main buildings is now an ironworks.  Lee reckons we should get a large teapot for the roof that has a fountain which pours into a large teacup on the bows :-)

The first of the junctions. This is the short arm that goes off to Little Tring.

 Looks quiet.  Must come back and do some visiting.

Down through the six locks.  nb Bramble kept us company for a few hours.

The second junction.  This time is rather longer and goes to Aylesbury.

Another widebeam trip boat.  There are several operating along here.

Plenty of boats.  A number have been moved up from London plus the fact that  due to the low water levels and the canal lockdown many had been stuck here.  Under the east coast main line.

and here is another trip boat coming out of the lock.

Now the countryside is getting more open.  Mind you the torrential rain keeps falling so its not the rain forest that we have just been through.

Time to start looking for a mooring.

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