Saturday, July 7, 2012

River Wey to Guildford

And we are off upstream

Its not far to the first lock.  The lock is hidden under the bridge on the far right and awkward to get around.

In the lock and there is a large traffic jam in progress.  Only about three cars go in one direction while scores go in the other. Something to do with Hampton Park and Ride.

Out into the countryside and this is Coxes Mill which has been converted into flats and they look very nice and its good to see the mill being kept.

The occasional house but lots of trees everywhere.

Under the motorway and loads of graffiti.   In general pretty rubbish but........

the winner is...

We reach the Basingstoke Canal to the right.

Just as well we don't want to go down it as there is a dredger across the canal and they seem to be redoing the banks with the spoil.

Back out and into the woods.

Around the corner a there is a paddle-wheel narrowboat being worked on.

The colour of the National Trust boats takes some getting used to after ex-BW.

Above the lock and plenty of work going on at the lock approach.

Many of the bridges are a bit low.  This one is only 7 foot 6 inches.  You get a list of the heights with your license.

Back out into the woods.

and across the front of the bow swims this snake.

At Newark Lock and through the trees a view of Newark Priory ruins.

The lock gates down here do not have the meat on them as BW or CRT as it is now.  There is also the windlass that has a different size to BW.  You are able to buy or borrow from Thames Lock.  Another problem for some is the length of throw of the windlass which presents a problem for those of a certain arm length as it is several inches longer.

Another bridge at 7 foot 6 inches.

Out in the wilds and the mooring for the night.

and we are off.  Heading for Guildford today

This willow is propped up and the props are growing too.

Stopped in the rain after getting soaked twice.

Should get to the end today and the lock for today.

This is the lowest bridge at 7 foot 2 inches.

It looks a bit close with all the rain we have had.

We have just an inch to spare.

The outskirts of Guildford.

Another road bridge and another traffic jam.

Someone has been hard at work sculpturing.

Spotted some more sculptures all along the bank.

Large dragonfly

Not sure what this one is.

while this one is to do with pirates

On the way into town and pick up some hitch-hikers trying to get to the Raft Race.

Not far now as the lock is on the otherside of the church.

Old Town Wharf and a rare example of a treadmill operated crane.

Hitch-hikers delivered.

Walked up to the Start line

Loads of rafts lined the bank.

The mooring

and they are off.  These ladies managed to get in front

but some of these are in it to win it and going like the clappers.

The Alice in Wonderland sculpture near the boat to commemorate the connection with Carroll.

Up to the lock approach to spin the boat round

and heading back down stream for the night.

Ten minutes away is the Dapdune Wharf which is where the National Trust centre is plus some facilities and museum and a mooring.  Delightful place and well worth a visit.

Moored up for the night.

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