Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thames to the Wey Part II

 Left the mooring fairly early for us as we had a long slog in front of us.  Its 23 miles and 9 locks to get through.  At least the Thames flow will be helping us.  A delightful evening last night with Jim cycling in the rain to the boat from Bray Wick.

 A very life-like person sitting in the garden enjoying the rain :-)

Through the bridge that carries the Great Western over the Thames and at one time I believe was the longest brick span in the world.

Most of the directions are plain as you go down the Thames but there are a couple of times when I wondered if I was heading for the lock or the weir. This one has the best part of the sign missing.

Most of the locks are a delight and there is plenty of room on the mooring.  In some places the lock is a bit close to the weir and the water disappearing off to one side does tend to drag the boat about at slow speed.

Not far below Maidenhead and we are passing the Bray Film Studios.  Not a massive amount of activity. Wonder if it is still used for films.

First lock after Maidenhead and a hold-up.  They have the divers down laying cables for cctv for the Olympics. Sadly there was a cock-up on the length of the cable front and they had to start again which dragged things out for us.

Well and truly crammed in with half a dozen boats waiting to come in afterwards.

Meanwhile just below the lock we meet these three going at  speed up stream.  Felt like shouting that they needn't rush :-)

Down to Windsor.  

One of the best addresses to have around here but not sure I would want it cos..........

its right on the flight path from Heathrow.

 Another one of those points on the river where boats are milling about and somewhere there is the lock and one hopes a sign to show where.

Coming up to Staines Bridge and the opportunity to wonder about members of a pirate crew.

This bridge with the coat of arms on the buttresses is named for Victoria while the next one is the Albert.

Somewhere here is a field and associations with Magna Charta.

Flood damage to a house boat will take some explaining to the insurer.

Not far to the Wey now.  The houses along this part of the Thames are almost normal but you would most likely still have to rich burger to own one

Out of Shepperton Lock and there are several roads for you.  The one I want is around the white stakes on the right.

The start of the Wey.

Into the Thames Lock via the stop lock pound.  The sluices are like those up on the Aire and Calder and a bit fierce if you don't keep a look-out.

Feeling claustrophobic after the Thames.  Time to moor up.

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