Saturday, May 8, 2010

To Stone and then on to near Burston

I didn't manage to get on line last night.  The signal from the dongle was a bit on the low side. 

Left the mooring which is quite near the Wedgwood factory on the other bank.

A nice day just meandering along in the countryside

Passed some houses that had mooring then after a bridge saw this.  I guess if you are going to have a private mooring you might as well do it properly.

The West Coast mainline is still near.  I did put my foot down and tried to race the train but he had the advantage of going in a straight line while I had to do the cornering :-)

Somebody didn't even manage this corner and took the wall out.  I hope BW got his number and made the insurance for the repairs.

The locks going down into Stone have a footbridge over the lock with a slit in the middle for the rope to go through so that they don't have to unhitch the line.

There are welcome signs up as you approach and it all looks very tidy.  Stone is a proper canal town and look after the area around the canal.

The Joules Stone Brewery has been well used over the years no doubt and is still in good condition.  I don't know if they still make beer here though as I couldn't smell it.  There are lots of moored boats all the way in.

Part of Stone is the Canal Cruising Co. We have been seeing the boats out every so often

Just below Bridge 94 you find Christina. She does look a bit the worse for wear.  I wonder if the one on the Water Rail Way at Lincoln will end up split. I still prefer the picture that I have of the Lincoln one.

The last of the locks at Stone.  Moored up on a 24 hour mooring.  Next to a car park and only two minutes from the main street through the town.  There is a large Co-op and a Morrisons by the main street.


Took a walk into town to do some shopping.  This is the main street and is pedestrianised.  Picked up a copy of Pickwick Papers in one of the many charity shops.

Above the entrance to the lock is a mock up of a stern of a narrowboat while...

...on the other bank is a seat that is covered with tiles that have been made by at least 100 people or societies. There is a nice childrens playground in the background.

Left the mooring before anyone could comment on our length of stay :-) and headed off towards Burston.

While passing a load of moored boats I saw this. I haven't got a clue what it is for but I bet he has trouble with low bridges. Hot water system? It seems to have a small header tank.

Within minutes I am back out in the countryside.  This is the Trent Valley and the river follows the canal or should that be the other way round.

There is a new marina at Aston.  Through the entrance it is obvious that they are still working on it but a few boats have already taken up residence.

This is going to be the exit to the marina.  They are still using diggers on the banks and there is a bridge across the centre of the marina so keep all the boats to one end till its finished.

I nearly had a prang with another boat coming through a bridge.  I had a hire boat in front of me and he pulled into the bank.  I thought - because he had been going so slowly he was letting me through but when I got along side I was told that he had pulled over as another boat was nearing the bridge from the other direction. It was all very amicable and big grins all round.  Still I wasn't surprised - he was from Swansea :-)

Moored for tonight just below bridge 89 which is not far from Burston.  

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