Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Newark to Cromwell Lock

Newark Castle is the most obvious thing when one arrives on the canal.  Looming over the canal it is very different on the other side of the wall.  Peaceful and quiet as I found when I took a quick walk this morning.

Wiki - Newark Castle, in NewarkNottinghamshire, is said to have been founded by Egbert, king of the West Saxons, was partly rebuilt and greatly extended by Alexander, consecrated Bishop of Lincoln in 1123, who established it as a mint. His rebuild here was probably the model for that at Sleaford Castle, also built by Alexander.
It rises picturesquely from the river, and from its position and great strength was for a long time known as the 'Key of the North'. Of the original Norman stronghold the most important remains are the gate-house, a crypt and the lofty rectangular tower at the south-west angle. The building seems to have been reconstructed in the early part of the 13th century. King John of England died at this castle on 19 October 1216. In the reign of Edward III it was used as a state prison.
During the English Civil War it was garrisoned for Charles I, and endured three sieges. Its dismantling was begun in 1646, immediately after the surrender of the king.

One gets views down from the castle of the Town Lock.

The Rotary Club has put in a relief of the town complete with a Braille inscription.  The river is in the foreground with the castle to the right of the bridge.

Can't put it off any longer.  Time to move.  It was a bit fraught this morning.  I spotted the cat disappearing up a drain pipe in the wall of the mooring.  He could only just get in and I managed to grasp his tail and drag him out before he went too far in.  If it not worrying about the cat its wondering what mechanical item will go wrong next. I wonder if I have dented the propeller in all the grounding that I have had.  That could be the cause of the present vibrations. 

There are several bridges now with the bypass in the background.

Only one lock before Cromwell and that is the Nether Lock.  The approach is very winding with a sharp right hander yards before the lock gate and immediately after the Nottingham to Lincoln railway bridge..  The width of the canal has been restricted by a large barge moored up.

Through Nether Lock and then under the East Coast main line.

The last bridge for a while.  The A1 doesn't seem very busy today.  Perhaps they are all going by water.

Apart from flood banks there is a mooring point at the pub in North Muskham

Reached Cromwell Lock and turned the boat to face upstream to moor.

Had a word with the lock keeper and the high tide tomorrow means that I am able to leave here between 1100 and 1130.

17 miles to Torksey should take me about three hours.  I will pleased to get it over with.

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Naughty-Cal said...

Ah come on, you have done that trip from Cromwell to Torksey many times before. Should be a piece of cake for you now.