Sunday, May 16, 2010

Burton on Trent to Willington

Not far from last nights mooring is Horninglow basin.  The new road that goes over it has been used background for some delightful graffiti..

and the theme is carried on on the side of a dwelling on the opposite side of the canal. It reads 'Lets grow some Respect Today'. Well the area certainly respects the canal it seems.  Very little rubbish floating past and the towpath well looked after. Plenty of moorings all the way through here.

I still have the railway line and the A38 not far away although you wouldn't believe it.

Is there something in the water up here.  All those Canada goslings yesterday and now there is a Moorhen with five chicks.

The hurry brigade is behind me so pulled in at the aqueduct over the River Dove.  The importance that was thought of the canal in the last war is evidenced by the Pillbox at the aqueduct and a similar not far away at the junction of the River Dove with the Trent. While I was here I spotted a load of wood pulled out of the river so took enough to last a few days just in case.

Slightly upstream of the aqueduct is the old but now unused road bridge.

The aqueduct itself is quite long and the Dove must have been a bit wider in the past.

There are plenty of gravel workings here with large lakes left behind and there is still a working quarry nearby.

On arriving at Willington the canal sides are lined all the way with boats.  Plenty of moorings but they were all taken.  There was room just the otherside of the village but I only stopped long enough to go to the shop as it was too close to the high-speed railway line.

Not far and its open countryside again and the entrance to Mercia Marina.  The easiest access to the marina is either to moor on the same bank as the marina or to cross by the footbridge. I checked it out and the prices I thought were quite reasonable.

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