Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hazelford Lock to Newark

Up and about early.  Dash decided that my face was just the place to sit at five in the morning.  I thought I saw a Chinese junk go past but sadly no such luck.

Down in the engine room and got the can cut up and fitted round the prop.  I used a Dr Pepper can as its a power drink and I could do with some power at the moment.

Spun the boat around and headed off to Newark.  The first place that can be seen is Fiskerton.  I was going to make a stop here but with the recent hassles I have had I thought that I would carry on.  There is limited mooring with room for only a couple of boats but it is worth the stop for the Bromley Arms.

Opposite Fiskerton is the battle field of East Stoke 1487.  You can't see it due to the flood banks but a bit further on a quick glimpse of Stoke Hall.  The Battle of East Stoke and the Red Gutter is the other side of it.

Flood banks all the way until the marina at Farndon.  Plenty of wildlife all the way down.

After the corner at Farndon the huge power station at Staythorpe comes into view.  

At the weir at Averham I met up with the St John Ambulance boat Newark Crusader.  Gave a big wave to the trippers on board.

Another bridge.  The first since Gunthorpe.  This is the Newark bypass and while on the road it feels close to Newark it will still take some time to get to the lock.

Newark proper turns up with new and old buildings alongside the canal.  The new builds fit in rather nicely I think.

The Town Lock and,  bugger, the light is on red.  At this rate I am going to have to go astern.  The dreaded moment passes and I did do a bit of astern entering the lock.  The can seems to be working. I put a jubilee clip on the mid point of the shaft and as far as I can see the shaft hasn't moved.

The castle is still there and beyond it the bridge that is stopping larger craft from coming up.  As a listed building the central arch cannot be changed.

The pontoon outside the BW offices are full so I turned the boat up stream and moored astern of the barge restaurant. 

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