Friday, May 14, 2010

Alrewas to Barton Turns

Down through the lock and into Alrewas. Plenty of moored boats and still some space for a few more. The canal is well looked after and not a lot of dog mess either which must be a plus.

There are a couple of seats strategically placed.  They are nicely carved and here work is being carried out on one of them.  The last one I saw was just a bit weathered so it must say something for the pride that is being taken in the canal area.

Another of the nice looking houses of which there are a large number.  This one is for sale but is probably a bit close to the bridge to have a mooring.

At Alrewas Lock.  The next section is on the River Trent. Exciting or what.

There was a narrowboat in front of me that was manned by someone that had come out of the army after 17 years and spent his money on buying the boat.  This was his first day out moving it. He'll get the hang of it.

The river section is only half a mile long and there is no mistaking the weir entrance and its impossible to get it wrong.

On the way to Wychnor the towpath is along a series of bridges and makes it look rather odd.

The canal follows very closely the Roman road Ryknild Street that is now the A38.  Very noisy and plenty of lorries whizzing past at high speed.

There is a very swish looking marina at Barton Under Needwood and from here it is just a short hop to the last lock of the day.

The lock is called Barton Turn and the place is called Barton Turn but the pub is called Barton Turns. 

A couple of hundred yards from the lock and moored for tonight.

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