Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beeston to Nottingham

Its not far from Beeston before you notice the industrial side of Nottingham.  However the canal is still well out in the countryside as far as the views.

At Lenton Chains is the obsolete Nottingham arm of the canal.  At the narrowing of the canal is the point at which the company laid a chain across the canal to stop all movement through the Beeston cut over the weekends.

At this point I though that there should be a B & Q and a Sainsburys.  But all I can see are flats. Dozens of them.  Bit of a search around and I find that Sainsburys is still there at the back but the flats are built in the old carpark and on top of B & Q.  Bugger. No flooring yet then.

Sat here for an hour and watched a Tern doing is diving display picking up fish.

Another new item is the large marina that is now here.  I was going to stay but the boaters out of the marina make you wonder.  Full speed ahead and straight into the opposite bank.  What are they drinking?

Tool the boat a little further on and found Comet. Went out and bought a portable DVD player. Was going to stay here but the good weather has brought out the morons and their inflatable boats.  One went past at God knows what speed - the wash was at least a foot high and having told him to slow down I was given a load of abuse.  He had a 6 year old and a 9 year old (or thereabouts) in the boat with him.  I then realised why so many kids today are so pathetic.  They have pathetic parents.

Such a vast amount of building has gone on in Nottingham over the years

There are plenty of moorings all the way along the canal in Nottingham.  This is the City Lock right in the middle of the city. The canal is an asset for the city and is appreciated as such.

Can't get much nearer to the middle of the city than this. The bridge ahead is the main road going past the railway station.

F. M & C warehouse and either side are cafe bars that are jammed packed full of customers.  

Not far now to the lock. New buildings and even more in the building.  A few more months and the place will have changed yet again.

Tonights mooring and the lock out on to the Trent tomorrow. A new facilities block is now on the other side.

Took a walk down to the Trent for the view.  Looking up stream there are moorings the other side of the bridge.

Down stream and the railway bridge.

A small fortune - well actually make that a Large - fortune has been spent updating the lock side walkways.  A bit sterile but very nice for all that.

Moored on the otherside of the canal at the moment is another boat that has broken down.  Not easy to bow haul up the Trent.

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