Thursday, May 13, 2010

Armitage to Fradley Junction

After the moorings at Armitage one is soon back out into the countryside.  I moved on early in the morning to look for a shop without success.  For the next few miles one is in the middle of nowhere I am glad to say. oilseed rape is very popular around here.

Kings Bromley has on old wharf that is still in use by a small boatyard and lots of moored boats.

Just around the corner a new mini-marina is being dug out.

Met a few boats this morning.  I found that for me the canal is a bit shallow as the knocking noise has come back.

Arriving at the first of the Fradley Locks.  There is a little shop on board one of the boats moored up next to the lock. The boat itself isn't very well signposted although there is a larger sign on the lock.

The first boat I came to was the Flycatcher of which BW is aware and is now sat well and truly on the bottom.

Fradley Junction.  All through the locks there are boats moored and it is a bit tight on times. When the canal was built a dry dock was put in and is still used today.

Opposite The Swan Inn is the Coventry Canal. This is the route that Tim is taken back to Cambridge.  Its a lot quieter down here than the Trent and Mersey. The little footbridge is usually closed. 

The Swan Inn is supposed to be the most photographed pub on the canal. A canal orientated pub and very welcoming.  Have a word with Shona behind the bar and mention my name. I am sure she will give you some discount :-) The night we were here the Classic Car Club had a visit and the car park was full of cars of yesteryear. I didn't have my camera with me but took some pics on the phone so will put one up later.

A small settlement, popular with gongoozlers and other visitors, has developed there including the Swan Inn, two shops and two cafes. 

The entrance to the Fradley Pool is guarded by a very large dragonfly and just right for children to play on.

Now a nature reserve with an interesting walk around it. There are a couple of hides so that one can go bird-watching in comfort.

Out on the pool is a duck house.  Not much to look at and certainly not up to the standard expected by MPs.

'Fradley Pool' Nature Reserve is adjacent to the junction named after the local village of Fradley approximately a mile away.The pool was created as a reservoir for the canal taking the overflow water from above the Middle Lock and directing it through the pool back into the canal at Keepers lock  when it was needed.

Last nights mooring underneath the sign that says Long Term Moorings.  Right next to the facilities, a cafe and Information shop.

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