Monday, February 22, 2010

Still at Elland

Due to yesterdays snow we stayed on another day.  

Chatting to the locals turned up a bit of puzzling info.  The building I had been told was at one time a bank was also used - in living memory - as the fire station and the vehicle would come out of the building through the centre between the pillars.  Very high class firemen they have up here.

Another claim to fame for Elland was a link with Harold Wilson.

Wikipedia - Elland was famous for its durable flagstones which, thanks to the nearby canal, could be transported very economically all over the county. Elland is also the home of the "Gannex" raincoat and is famous for its traditional sweet factory, Dobsons which is still producing traditional boiled sweets today

Looking through the Nicholson guide while planning the next move I found a note from the time I was here seven years ago. 'met a woman with dog who said she'd rather have a dog than a husband!! Takes all sorts!' which of course is OK if you like dogs. 

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