Saturday, February 20, 2010

Brighouse to Elland

A late start but no matter.  It was a steady plod out of Brighouse and under the bridges to the first lock.

We were lucky enough to have assistants on hand here and a very good job they made of it too.  Mum was left holding the baby as usual :-)

They were going to turn around and go back to the car park at this point but the next lock isn't very far and the children enjoyed the experience so much they asked if they could carry on walking and close the gates at the next one too.

Near here there is a sharp left turn and as Tim went through he was kicking up a massive amount of silt.  The depth of the canal leaves something to be desired.

All the way to Elland there are hills on the side of the canal covered in trees.  It must be a picture come summer.

Uneventful trip with one lock that was too short for us both and only just long enough to get me in on my own.

Elland Basin comes into view and the mooring seems to be Ok although it is rather close to a pub - in fact the rear wall of the pub is four foot from the boat.  We will have to see if the pub brings out the Herberts.

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Wrong Type of Cripple said...

My Wife and children enjoyed helping you and were excited about the experience. As aresult we are going to follow your blog.
Who knows they may get chance to help you again.
Good luck on your jorney we'll be following your adventures.