Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ferrybridge to Castleford

Its been a busy day for vessels plying their trade today. as I was about to leave the boat for a wander in Ferrybridge along comes Fusedale H full of ballast.  Plenty of movement of the boat from the wash even though they were going slow.

By the time I had got back to the boat ready to pick up the coal and in the middle of a downpour of snow Fossdale H goes into the lock.

Snow subsides and while in the lock we pick up the coal that the dealer had dropped for us on the side of the lock.  In the middle of it I heard over the VHF that there was a boat on its way so left the tidying away of the coal till later.  Out of the lock and shoot the centre of the Town bridge.

The AI bridge comes soon into sight and for most of the time after this there is plenty of bends and lots of trees. Very different from the views from Thorne.

After a while the old loading bays for the pans of coal that would be lifted out of the water and tipped into hoppers.  I am sure the last time I was here there was a load of pans waiting to unload.

After an hour or so keeping a very wary eye open for Fusedale H coming back from unloading the ballast it is bit of a relief to get to Bulholme Lock.  As you go into the lock mind the flow from the river entering from the left. An easy lock to use with the keeper directing you to the best side and we didn't even have to tie up with the flow pushing us into the lock side.

Within minutes of mooring up Fusedale H, riding high in the water, comes from the direction of Castleford.

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