Sunday, February 28, 2010

Luddenden Foot to Myholmroyd

I had message concerning yesterdays blog from Brian and Diana who are on nb Harnser who saw one of these little cars hocked to the back of a large motor home in France. It was a bit tight backing out, so the driver unhitched it and pushed it like a wheelbarrow. I like it :-)

It was fair sort of day but no rain as yet so bright and early - well actually it was about 1230 when - we cast off but you can't rush these things can you :-

I mentioned before that the bottom of the canal was a bit too close to the top and it was just the other side of the bridge that Tim ran aground. He was in the middle the canal as one does tend to shy away from the banks as this is where shopping trolleys end up. Most likely it just needs more boats to stir things up and keep the silt from settling.  Gave him a tow astern and he was soon free.          

As we travel along the hills that we will have to travel around, over or through are always  sight.

The valley is bottom is never far away as are trees on the other side.

You meet some delightful peoples you go along.  They might not all be of the hitch hiker standard but it is not often one is in a strange village and get called back 30 minutes later to be told that the pub that was recommended was closed down in a drugs bust two weeks previous. :-) But thanks for closing the gates behind us.

The gateway to Mytholmroyd  We were going to visit the White Lion but..... The Dusty Miller is a decent place for a pint and landlord and bar staff happy to chat and tell about the other local pubs.

I found a sign to the Clog Mill.  More on that tomorrow.

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