Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Red Dragon Flies

At long last the Red dragon is flying on the Abigail Jenna.  I left it for a day so that it could be flown for Sues birthday.  Sue is ffredsmum so with a double 'f' she is an honorary Welsh person for today.

Wharf II came past the mooring this morning giving Nottingham a push so I guess that at least one of them is now running. While I got out of the boat to take the pic I saw - - - - -

Where the hell did that lot come from.  After about an hour it had all congregated around the bows and none of it was mine.


Naughty-Cal said...

You shouldnt fly that flag. The laws that be dont allow it. It should be a red ensign!!

Maldy said...

As Ffredsmum is an honorary Welshman, she's allowed to cheer for the Taffies on Saturday when England play Wales in the 6 Nations Championship.