Monday, February 15, 2010

Dewsbury Arm to Mirfield

The locks are all a bit on the short side and in two we had to go through one at a time.  You couldn't even get two 57.5 foot boats in together.  The worst is yet to come with Salterhebble getting a special mention on the Pennine blog.  I might have to go through in reverse on the way back.  Lots of country and cutting along here.

As a special gift to Caroline I have put in a pic of the geology going through on of the cuttings.  I was hoping for a fault but beggars can't be choosers.  

The bridges get more ornate as we travel higher up the canal.  Still waiting for a nice humpback with cross over :-)

Coming out on to the river at Greenwood Flood Lock I looked back and saw the fire brigade doing their thing damping down a fire at the waste paper firm.  The top of the engine was visible for ages as I came round  Thornhill.

Another fierce lock to cope with.  With a shorter boat its not too much of a problem.  I will have to start using the hand spike as it puts the water under the boat - hopefully.  There is a boatyard here but no diesel or chandlery but there is a Welsh flag flying on the other side of the lock so its not all bad.

The boat yard has a RAF boat or a boat in a RAF disguise.  I doubt if there is much call for a rescue on the canal.  It seems to have seen some action as it looks as thought there is a line of bullet holes in the flag.

Trundled on and started looking for moorings and soon reached Mirfield and stopped there. On a 48 hour mooring so could stay tomorrow as well.


Captain Ahab said...

I have been following your progress with interest. Where are you heading for?

Naughty-Cal said...

Looks like you are having fun. Our planned trip to Leeds at Easter has been put on hold, we are now planning on going down the humber to Hull instead. That is of course if the boat is back in the water by then after her sterndrive service and antifoul!!!!

Caroline said...

Thanks for my gift Ifor. I love it! How sad are we??!!!!! I'll keep my eye out (or in) for similar pictures for you on my travels. xx