Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pollington to Ferrybridge

A couple of boats went past last night. Up early this morning to a bright and clear day.  Bit chilly though. Wandered up and over the lock. There was some ice on the mooring and with a quick skid I ended up with a wet leg.  That bloody canal was cold :-) 

Chris said that it was most likely Battlestone that went through yesterday.

The long term moorings are astern of us.  Tim has his wind genny up and it went around too.  All we need now is enough wind to spin it fast enough to generate juice for the battery.

On the way back I checked out the old swing bridge.  At the back of it is the working bits and pieces.  All handraulic and a place in the middle for the fiddle to sit while the crew does the winding.

Why does Sods Law say that at any point in time that you meet a large than usual narrowboat there is a kink in the canal that ensures that you have to take avoiding action. I didnt think his wheelhouse was going to get under the pipe bridge but at the last minute the wheelhouse ducked down.

It was actually the pusher Little Kirkby with a hydraulic bridge. I did touch bottom a couple of times as he took the water.

Quickly through Whiteley Lock and there has been a lot of work carried out here in the not too distant past.  Nice new moorings.

Bartholomew and Alan a' Dale are still at the Whiteley Bridge workings.  Not a lot going on there today though.

Into Knottingley and Ferrybridge.  A bit of care needs to be taken through here.  After the straights of the last few days the bends come fast and furious.  Good positioning is need to make sure that you can duck out of the way if you meet one of the big boys here.

Moored at Ferrybridge. There was only 120 foot of mooring left.  I can be fairly sure of that as Tim is nudging the boat astern and I am 6 inches from the BW boat ahead and a couple of feet between us.

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