Monday, June 22, 2009

Decisions! Decisions!

It is difficult to write a blog with so many exciting things happening.

Should I paint the bows or chip paint at the stern……. Decisions Decisions.

The Tupperware clan were out in force at the weekend. I had moved out of Lincoln and was moored out near Pyewipe Inn and had started to do some work on the stern. One of the boats passing did decide to slow down as he passed me. The thing was he throttled back as his bows come level with the stern and speeded up as he reached my bow. I don’t think that he has quite got the hang of it yet. Abigail Jenna was still moving ten minutes later with the waves that he had left behind.

Nb Boudicca passed me Saturday. A new boat with a bit of a different layout. The overall shape is as per usual with a mass of windows in the front end. More like an inspection launch than anything else. As it went passed I looked out of the window to acknowledge the helmsman but there wasn’t one. The boat must be able to be steered from inside the bows. Very eerie with the boat moving and n at the tiller.

Back in Lincoln for Monday and to check up on how the bike is doing. Hopefully the shock absorbers have arrived and the MOT is with reach tomorrow.

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