Thursday, June 11, 2009

Don't Panic

I have moved back to Lincoln to get the bike off for the MOT. The trip back through the Glory Hole was easier than when I left. With the rainfall recently the speed of the canal was high. As I went through the Glory Hole the engine revs were quite high just to keep forward momentum and once on the Brayford I had to slow down to reduce the bow wave for the moored boats.

Yesterday I visited friends in Horncastle. We managed to get Facebook sorted and started a blog for Sellwood Gardens. They are a group of inveterate silver surfers that meet every Wednesday and Friday. Eighteen months ago most would have had trouble turnhing a computer on but have come forward by leaps and bounds. A happy band of internet warriors.

Massive panic today. Getting the material ready for a bookbinding class and the engine was running to run the laptop and printer etc when it suddenly stopped. Checked the fuel lines and everything seemed OK. An hour in the engine room and then rung the Deutz supplier who was of no help. I found the telephone number of Alan who owned the boat last and asked if he had any ideas. Try checking out the fuel solenoid he said there might be a duff connection.

Follow the wiring and the connection was not quite in. Re-assemble the engine cover and try the engine. Starts first time. Good old – OK not all that old – Alan.

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