Saturday, July 4, 2009

Its been one of those weeks.

What with a lot of lifes minor irritations going on in the background things started to kick off on Thursday.

I was moored at the Pyewipe Inn and was ready with oodles of time to spare to leave for a day in Louth. A walker passing by stopped to chat and enquire about living on the canals and I was happy enough to have a chat with him. No rush. Mind you I was fully booted and spurred for a trip on the motorbike and the day was rather hot. However I was still left with enough time to get to Louth. Went to start the bike and I had left the keys on board. Moved the bike up the bank and the chain came off and broke off a bit of the cover. By now I was in a sweat and ready for the cooler air as I travelled. On the way to Louth I ran out of petrol but the reserve gave me enough to get to a filling station.

I arrived in Louth exactly on time to set out the materials and get ready.

On the way home the keys jumped out of the ignition. I had heard a tinkle, turned round to see what had fallen off, didn’t see anything but then looked down and saw the keys missing. Went back but by the time I got back they had gone.

Back to the boat. The boat keys were on the bunch that I had lost but managed to gain entry. Tried to ring Louth police but they were out or away on holiday. Any way there was no answer.

Moved to Lincoln.

Went to the motorbike shop and ordered a new ignition unit. But it won’t be in till Tuesday. Got a new lock for the chain for the push bike but had to saw off the old one.

Friday night. Four in the morning and the local morons where out and about on pushbikes. Three of them shooting their mouths off at full volume. First thing in the morning I had another look at the motorbike to try and get it started. I then noticed that the push bike that should be on the roof had gone missing. I hadn’t had time to find the hacksaw so the bike wasn’t chained up as it usually was.

One can only hope that things get better.

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sue said...

a seriously bad week x