Friday, June 5, 2009

More Canal Hogs

Chris had decided that I spent too much of my time contemplating my naval so when he visited he brought me three books to read. The first one I read was of interest as it concerned a trip across the channel to the canals of France. This trip I wanted an answer to for some time. How much alteration was needed to get a narrowboat across the channel? Lots of planning it seems but not much according to the book Narrow Dog to Carcassone by Terry Darlington. The second one I have just finished. Narrowboat Dreams by Steve Haywood is the tale of a trip to find the north of England and over the Pennines through the Standedge Tunnel. One of his pet hates are those narrowboaters in a rush.

As I travel along – if I am not using GPS I tend to time myself as I pass the km posts so that I know my speed. I look for ten minutes to do 1 km giving me a speed of 6km per hour which is the speed on the canal here. I am usually below this. On the approach to Saxilby from Torksey there is a very long sharp left hand bend and as I came to this another narrowboat caught me up. At the time I was doing exactly 6 km per hour. With my bow and stern not far off the bank midships filled the centre of the canal and the boat still went past on a corner that anything could be coming towards us. Plonker. Its not just the GRP boaters that go faster than they should. I don’t mind being overtaken as I usually travel slower than others but at least do it in a safe manner and where you are able to get out of the way of advancing boats.

On the way to Torksey I was surprised by the number of deer carcases to be seen floating in the water. There are points along the way where rocks have been placed at the banks to allow deer a means of escape. Either there are numerous deer crossing and a small percentage drown or the rocks aren't working.

I will get to Bardney Lock to day and get on with the washing then back to Lincoln as I have a cat-sitting job on for my Ian on Sunday.

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