Saturday, March 7, 2009


A very nice surprise today to break up the ordinariness of the weekend.

‘Any body there’ was the first that I knew that I had visitors. My first non-family visitors turned out to be Sid and Heidi from Sellwood in Horncastle. Luckily I had had a ‘bit’, and it was only a bit, of a tidy up and they managed to settle into chairs amidst the normal chaos of the boat. And a present of cakes that I would imagine that Heidi had made.

Hiedi’s claim to fame is going from not knowing one end of the computer from the other to the person that managed to write the story of their two sons in a second language, English, on a computer and finally to put the printed illustrated version into book form which she then went on to learn to bind up. A very tidy job she made of it too and the story itself is quite rivetting. Proving the falsity of the adage ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ for one is never too old to learn.

With a cup of tea and a chat putting the world to rights then a tour of the ‘estate’ and the visit was over. A very enjoyable interlude in the hectic schedule of Saxilby living.

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