Friday, March 20, 2009

Slow boat to Southrey

After a trip to Sellwood Gardens in Horncastle I bumbled along the canal enjoying the sunshine. With the impending cat sitting I have made my way to Southrey for the night.

Spotted a Golden Eye duck on the way and shortly afterwards caught sight of that ghost of birds – the Barn Owl – as it patrolled along the towpath. During the day its colour is quite a brilliant white. I wish it had been going in the other direction which would have given me a longer look at it. I might even have got a photo of it.

No seal today. I wonder how it got into the system. Someone said that they come in through the lock at Boston. They must be a bit fearless to do that as I would assume that there would be a boat in the lock at the same time or at least one going out.

I had meant to go to Boston today as they are starting to use the new lock to allow boats into the drains towards Spalding. I hope it is going to be cheaper than the cost of a week in the Ancholme.

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