Monday, March 23, 2009

Bit Blowy

I have stayed at Bardney Lock for today. I was going to move on but the problems presented by by the wind when I turned the boat to head back to the lock gave me pause for thought. Do I want the 30+mph in my face and when it started raining I gave in and stayed put.

The canal at this point is a long straight of about 3 km and with the wind blowing directly along it. By the time the waves get to this end of the straight they are between 12 - 18 inches in height. Consequently there is some movement in the boat.

With luck I won't be seasick this evening.

My delightful assistant of yesterday is now at home and back to school. The place is very empty without her to brighten up the day.

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Maldy said...

Hey, you've been a bit busy since the last time I checked you out.
I've nearly got the kitchen finished - Suzy might let me out to come visiting soon.
Love the blog - it's brilliant.