Sunday, March 22, 2009

T'was Hectic

I picked up my favourite assistant on Saturday afternoon. From there I went to Grasby to pick up even more gear which we took to the boat. The boat is at the far end of the moorings so rather than carry it all the way we moved the boat first thing on Sunday. It is just a few yards from where you can see the boat to the parking area before the lock. Being an inveterate poser  we had to take some photos for the album.

Abz was well tired by Sunday morning having had a rather late night on the DS. But she was still up for a long walk and a picnic but as we had several jobs to do before I took her back home she had to make do with mopping the boat.

Off to Lincoln to feed the cats then back to Grasby for another load and finally home.

An enjoyable time was had by all – well I enjoyed myself anyway.

Monday is still in the planning stage. I haven’t thought about where to go next but I might just go back to Torksey for a chat with the lockkeeper and see if there are problems towards Nottingham.

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