Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Saxilby to Torksey

The last kilometre on the way to Torksey is all moorings with the visitor moorings reaching almost to the 1km signpost.

After a very enjoyable long weekend in Aberdare its back on the canal. Aberdare at one time was connected to the canal which ran past Forest Row or as we called it Canal Row in Taffs Well. This was the village I grew up in till the age of nine. The canal played a large part in our lives. Making dams, making rafts and playing with boats. The lock was just a few hundred yards away and here we would catch minnows and bull heads and occasionally we would catch an eel which would be sold for a penny to a man in Forge Masters who would cook it on a shovel. Those were the days. All gone now. The row of cottages is now under the main road from Abercynon to Cardiff.

A bright day which started late as I was still on welsh time. A quick trip to Lincoln to drop off the car at my sons house then back to the boat to fuel up and move to Torksey ready for a get away out onto the Trent for the low water at 1130 tomorrow.

I moved up the canal slowly as I wasn’t in a rush and just enjoyed the scenery. There are always plenty of boats at Torksey many of which are GRP and tend to bob about alarmingly if ones speed is not of the slowest. Other GRP boats on the canal take note. These boats do make rather a lot of wash and many of them don’t seem to slow down at all making even my 60 foot roll.

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