Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Have a Moor at Saxilby

Having had a bit of a look around the village of Saxilby I must wonder why one hears so little about it.

This is a very nice and quiet mooring with Tongs, the DIY shop, just across the road. The shop really should be listed as a chandler as they seem to have everything that the narrowboater is likely to need during their travels.

Several pubs are within minutes of the canal as are a number of shops including a well stocked Co-op.

There are treasures hidden in Saxilby according to the information boards along the side of the moorings. Wandering through the village you can walk straight pass and not give a second look to the cottage in the High Street. The building at number 76 contains a substantial amount of the medieval hall which was built during 1480 – 90. The hall was built by Sir Thomas Burgh who was the owner of Gainsborough Old Hall.

Travel into Lincoln is simple with the bus stopping just off the moorings and a railway station just one minutes walk away.

So the next time you travel along this Roman canal don’t just look forward to a stop in Lincoln but have a day or so in Saxilby.

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